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    Reverse the time and back to youth 

    The only regenerative and scientific product listed in United States Development Policy

    The only regenerative product with 43 international patent technologies

    The only regenerative product incorporated into the phase III clinical trial program approved by FDA

    Endow young skin with technique to delay aging

    Present newborn with significant effect

    The core technology of MEBO Essence—regeneration technology 

    MEBO was listed in United States Development Policy in 2013

    Abundant strength·fantastic achievement 

    Based on 43 international patent technologies 

    The technology adopted by MEBO Essence was awarded the International authorship and patent rights of several countries, which makeMEBO become the first brand of cell regeneration in the world.

    United States Patent:US 6,685,971.B2
    China Paten: ZL02105541.6
    European Patent: 1439847
    Canada Patent: 2,464,152
    Japan Patent: 2003-539703

    ISO-osmotic technique

    Following the principle of natural life environment for human cell and taking advantage of physiological bionics, MEBO creativelyprovides skin regeneration with natural ISO-osmotic physiological environment. ISO-osmotic technique, adopted by MEBO, provides a healthy, balanced and natural nutrients environment for skin, opening cell metabolic pathway so as to achieve the goal of nutrient cells without destroying cell rejuvenation.

    Regeneration substance 

    The essence of skin keratin type 19 stem cells is a kind of regeneration substance, extracted from pure natural plants, processed with 18 procedures. Boasting more than 15 nutrients substances with scientific mixing rate, the essence can inspire the potential of cell regeneration and make you radiant.

    The pictures of skin regeneration 

    Collagen fibers of aged skin are dispersed
    Collagen fibers of young skin are in bundles 

    Shape of regeneration cellular tissue 

    Repaired collagen fibers are in bundles

    Aliphatic acids in regeneration substances can make dispersed collagen fiber into the status of bundle and restore the elasticity and firming of dermis.  

    Shape of regeneration cells 

    Restored into fibroblast 

    After absorbing nutrient substances, fibroblast would have a significant increase in its function, number and metabolic activity. The fibers are orderly, evenly arranged in the cells and the physiological structure of the dermis returns to normal.      

    Nucleolus of fibroblast gets smaller and there are air bubbles in cytoplasm.

    Nucleolus restores a healthy appearance and the air bubbles in cytoplasm disappear.   

    Enhance cell function and strengthen cell vitality

    Regeneration substances access to mitochondria and burn. 

    After “chewing up”regenerationsubstances, mitochondria in cells would have an active metabolism. 

    After “chewing up” regeneration substances, endoplasmic reticulum in cells would have an active metabolism.

    After “chewing up” regeneration substances, the cells are in a state of exuberant proliferation and division.