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Global expansion! Opening ceremony of Norland’s Nigeria branch held successfully!

In October 21, 2017, the opening ceremony of Nigeria branch of Norland was ceremoniously held in the famous ADEBOLA HOUSE in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria. Norland’s CEO Dr. Zheng Guoji, Vice president, international operations, Mr. Shi Hao Chen, N

Norland South African Branch Second Car Award Ceremony 2017

Norland South African branch 2 nd car award ceremony successfully held in Destiny Exclusive Hotel in Kempton Park, Gauteng on October 28 , 2017. Over 2000 distributors and prospects gathered to learn about our health products and business,

Norland Ghana Kumasi Car Award Ceremony

On October 14, 2017, Norland held a grand ceremony at the GOLDEN BEAN HOTEL in Kumasi, the Ghanas second largest city. COO of Norland International Division, Mr. Johny Chen, Senior team leader Seidu Chanbas Issah, Dzakpa Divine Komla and An

Norland started the era of the internet of everything

NorlalndIndustrial Groups 9 th anniversary glory commendation grand carnival held in Beijing on Saturday, 22 nd , July 2017. Witness a celebration,Westrive with passion and joy, Norland Industrial Group shares the glory and spirit of the flo

News alert!Norland’s global expansion, a new era in health ! Norland Ghana Branch launch Ceremony

On May 20, 2017, Norland held a grand launch ceremony in the opening of the Ghana branch at the five-star Kempinski Hotel in the capital Accra, achieving another significant milestone in the rapid and impressive global expansion. Dr. Zheng,

Norland South Africa Branch Official Launch & Car Award Ceremony

Norland South Africa Branch Official Launch Car Award Ceremony On May 20 th 2017, Norlands South Africa branch opening ceremony was held at Maslow Hotel in Sandtown, Johannesburg. Over a thousand people gathered, bursting with eagerness and

Esteemed guests, look forward to the future 2017 Norland Dreams Dubai Seminar

Create an unforgettable showcase Norlands global expansion Sound the trumpet urging everyone to earnestly forge ahead. Enjoy the joy , glory and results of hard work! Set sail on new journey and with hope for better future. △benefitofconv

Norland 1st Training Seminar of 2017 in South Africa

On 21 th January 2017, Norland South Africa Branch launched its first training Seminar at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg. More than 500 distributors and prospects from South Africa and the neighbor countries like Lesotho, Zimbabw