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Norland South African Branch Second Car Award Ceremony 2017

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Norland South African branch 2nd car award ceremony successfully held in Destiny Exclusive Hotel in Kempton Park, Gauteng on October 28, 2017.
Over 2000 distributors and prospects gathered to learn about our health products and business, share their experience, and witness our success and celebration.



This is our 2nd car award ceremony in SA. As always, Norland keeps its promises. We are leading force in Multy-level marketing arena, and pleased that more and more distributors achieving their goals and receiving their rewards.  

Prizes and awards, including SUV cars, are displayed before the participants.

Dr. Kelvin Zheng Guoji, the CEO of the Norland Group, is giving inspiring speech

Dr. Kelvin Zheng Guoji, the CEO of the Norland Group with car winners


Mr. Johnny Chen Shiho, the COO of the Norland International Division, with High Honor Ranking distributors


Outstanding distributors.

New products launched by the COO of Norland Group Mr. Johnny Chen Shihao,
New products such as Peptides, Energy Bracelet, Calcium Supplement Granules, Zinc Supplement Granules were launched at the ceremony. It caused a sensation among the participants and greatly boosted the confidence of our distributors and prospects.  Mr. Johnny said: “We will create more and more superb products to enhance our competitiveness in the bussiness and to greatly benefit  African citizens in their health”.
We believe that with company’s global strategy, with African marketing plan, unique products and all of distributors’ effort, Norland business will rapidly expand from South Africa to the rest of the world. All of the Norlanders and prospects are confident in achieving success in their Health and Wealth in the near future.
Together, we can do it!