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Global expansion! Opening ceremony of Norland’s Nigeria branch held successfully!

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On October 21, 2017, the opening ceremony of Nigeria branch of Norland was successfully held in the famous Adebola House in Lagos, the financial capital of Nigeria. Norland’s CEO Dr. Zheng Guoji, Vice President International Operations, Mr. Shi Hao Chen, Norland market leaders Nelbon Chidinma, Madam Success Amaka ,Madam Clever Grace, and more than 1000 distributors and agents from all over Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin and other African countries graced the ceremony.
 Event Location
Nigeria is Africa's most populous country with a total population of 173 million, accounting for 16% of Africa’s total population of, it is also the largest economy in Africa, On 2013 Nigeria's gross domestic product is (GDP) 509 billion U.S dollars. The opening of Nigeria branch is the first step as Norland formally marches into the vast market in Nigeria, bringing its citizens high quality health products and a blissful shopping experience.
Mr Johny Chen, VP International Operations
Mr. Chen Shihao, VP International Operations, warmly welcomed the arrival of all the guests to the Norland family, and also wished the Nigeria branch a successful opening. Norland is marching forward into the future, and it’s a great opportunity for Nigerians, to enjoy high-quality health products ,health, wealth and unlimited career opportunities.
Following the successful launch in the United States and Canada in 2013, Norland has rapidly expanded into new markets all around the world. On May 13, 2017, Norland South Africa branch was opened, On May 20th, Ghana branch was opened and On October 21st,  Nigeria branch was opened accelerating the expansion into the whole African continent.
Dr. Zheng Guoji, Norland CEO
Dr. Zheng Guoji, Norland CEO, said that 2017 was the best year for Norland’s international operations, With the expansion into markets at the speed of light. The opening of Nigeria branch is of great strategic significance for the further development of the African market at the same time, Nigeria branch will form a comprehensive linkage with Ghana and South African branches, to promote the rapid development of the whole business in Africa.



 Nigerian Family

Norland’s robust platform, has created multitude of opportunities so that everyone can realize their dreams. The Nigeria branch has bravely forged a new path and achieved tremendous achievements. In this regard, Norland recognized the achievers with luxury cars, luxury TV, air conditioners , refrigerators, washing machines and other amazing rewards.

Luxurious Award

China Trip Winners

South Africa Trip Winners
US Trip Winners

Norland CEO Dr. Zheng Guoji, VP International Operations Mr. Chen Shihao, taking a picture with luxury car winners
Car Awards
I believe that in the near future, Norland will expand into more and more countries, with globally renown product "Qing Tiao nourishing beauty" being to different races, different colors, different cultures, at the same time, enable our global family to enjoy excellent and numerous career opportunities, health, wealth, and have a contented life.