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Grand Celebration for the First Anniversary of the Norland Ghana Branch

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May 19th, 2018 is an auspicious day for all Ghana family members of Norland, because on the same day of a year ago, Norland set up the branch office in Ghana, providing health and wealth as well as other benefits to locals.
A year later, we celebrated the grand 1st Anniversary of Norland Ghana Branch Office with our family members on this special day!

The First Anniversary of Ghana Branch Office was Officially Declared Open
Dr. KELVIN GUOJI ZHENG, Vice Chairman and Global CEO of Norland, JOHNNY CHEN, GM of International Business Department
and GABRIEL ZHANG, Dean of International Business Academy
Attended the Anniversary
Dr. KELVIN GUOJI ZHENG and ZHENDONG WANG, Manager of the Ghana Branch Office joined the group photo with local leaders and distributors
As a developing country, Ghana is an economically developed region in West African region, they have three traditional export products, such as gold, coco and woods, which are the economic pillars. However, Ghana has common problem as other African countries that is the poor medical condition and health industry.
The Chief of Ghana was making Speech
Norland brought the benefits and hope for the people of Ghana, our mission is to benefit everyone with health and beauty, improving their living quality. Meanwhile, the Ghanaian Government noticed the importance of developing its national health care industry, so they provide great support to us.

Full of Ghana Family Members
This convention is not only the 1st Anniversary of Ghana Branch Office, but also a great Award Ceremony. In the event, Dr. KELVIN GUOJI ZHENG and JOHNNY CHEN presented the car award to the excellent leaders and distributors, honoring their achievements in the past year, meanwhile, the representatives of car award shared their experiences which inspired the other family members to strive for their dreams through their great efforts.

Dr. KELVIN GUOJI ZHENG and JOHNNY CHEN was presenting the Car Award for the excellent leaders and distributors

The Car Award Representative shared his success
Dr. KELVIN GUOJI ZHENG was taking group photos with Ghana Branch Staffs
In the coming two days, Gabriel Zhang, Dean of Norland International Business Academy, conducted professional training for Ghanaian leaders and distributors, many tuned up for the training.
GABRIEL ZHANG was training the leaders and members
Norland is embarking on its Globalization Strategy, the 1st Anniversary of Ghana indicates our overseas expansion move has borne fruits. But we set our sight beyond Africa, we will open more overseas markets across the whole world and bring benefits to everyone with good health and beauty.