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Glory to West Africa and Imagine the Future - Norland Nigeria Award Ceremony was held successfully!

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May 12th 2018, in the vast West Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Norland Nigeria held a grand Award Presentation Ceremony!

KENNY CHEN, Manager of Nigeria Branch, GABRIEL ZHANG, Dean of International Business Academy, JOHNNY CHEN, GM of International Division, and many other excellent leaders from all regions participated in the ceremony.

Queuing before the start of the ceremony

Opening Performance -Lion Dance

Accompanied by the traditional Chinese Lion Dance, with the cheers of the audience, the convention of thousand people in Norland Nigeria was officially opened.

KENNY CHEN, Manager of Nigeria Branch delivered his opening speech

KENNY CHEN, Manager of Nigeria Branch delivered his opening speech. Norland group is developing rapidly, and the overseas market is an integral part of our development, he said.

Mr. Johnny Chen, GM of International Division, released the new products, and introduced the company’s tremendous potential and African market development strategy.    

The conference hall was packed with big crowd, and they listened attentively

The exciting Chinese Kungfu show

After the performance, we ushered in the most important session of the ceremony. Mr. Kenny Chen, Manager of the Nigerian Branch, and Mr. Johnny Chen, General Manager of the International Division respectively awarded prizes to outstanding distributors.

KENNY CHEN presenting the award to the Gold Medal and Silver Diamond distributors


JOHNNY CHEN presenting the travel prize

KENNY CHEN and JOHNNY CHEN presenting the award to the Gold Diamond leaders

KENNY CHEN and JOHNNY CHEN presenting car awards

The atmosphere of the ceremony was heated up, and the audience were cheering loudly

In the cheerful atmosphere, the conference ushered in the long-awaited lucky draw. Fortunate audiences came on the stage and received prizes. With the cheering, the atmosphere of the scene was getting more & more exciting.

GABRIEL ZHANG, Dean of International Business Academy presenting the prize to the luck draw winner

GABRIEL ZHANG concluded the Award Ceremony  

Lastly, GABRIEL ZHANG, Dean of International Business Academy came on the stage to conclude the convention.

Norland Car Awards for Excellent Distributors


KENNY CHEN, Manager of Nigeria Branch, Mr. Johnny Chen, GM of International Business Department having photography session with the award winners
Nigeria, as Africa's largest population, is also the largest economy in Africa. The rapid development of Norland in Nigeria indicates that our overseas development strategy has achieved success. The current shortage of medicines in Nigeria is still serious. The addition of the Norland has added fresh strength to the development of the local health industry.

In the future, we will continue to carry out overseas deployments, register more countries and regions, and provide Health, Beauty & Wisdom to all the Norland business partners.