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Create the Future Together and Marching toward Success ----2018 the 1st Anniversary Celebration of Norland South Africa Branch was Successfully Held.

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On May 26, 2018, the sun was shining. The grand ceremony of the 1st anniversary celebration and car awards of the South Africa Branch of Norland was held in Randburg, Johannesburg. More than 2000 guests from various parts of South Africa and other African countries and regions have witnessed this amazing event.

The Norland family gathered at the convention venue
celebrated the South Africa Branch’s first anniversary

This convention is the third car award recognition ceremony since 2017. Over the past year, Norland has brought high-tech healthy products, beauty products, and daily cosmetics to the people of South Africa and other African countries, created miracles. Countless people have benefited from Norland products, witnessing the uniqueness of our products.

Over the past year, we have also provided a good career opportunity and platform for many people in Africa. By virtue of the corporate substantial influence, many African friends have joined Norland and they are united and strive hard for the common cause.

They relied on the high threshold and solidly powerful Norland platform, through their own continuous efforts, started their own career paths. Many distributors have already achieved their success, and they are helping others on their ways to realize their dreams and achieve greater success!

We prepared fabulous prizes for the Norland family members
This is the first anniversary of our South Africa Branch and our brand new starting point, we make the conclusion of the past year and commend & recognize our outstanding leaders. It is the support and joint efforts of all distributors that have enabled us to have so many miracles and to help so many people succeed in our cause.

The more than 2000 capacity hall was full of crowd, the atmosphere is high, and the car prize is so attractive

South Africa famous band Ashleys entertaining performance
After the famous South Africa band Ashley’s performance, the atmosphere of audience was aroused and Norland South Africa branch 2018 first anniversary officially kicked off!
Mr. Aren Wang
Opening speech by Mr. Aren Wang, South Africa Branch Manager
The first to appear on stage was Mr. Aren Wang, the manager of South Africa Branch. As a “host”, he addressed the opening and sincerely greeted the entire South Africa Norland family.

Dr. Kelvin Zheng
Norland Group Vice President and CEO Dr. Kelvin Zheng delivering his speech
Subsequently, the Vice President and CEO of Norland Group Dr. Kelvin Zheng made a grand appearance and delivered his speech on stage. In his speech, Dr. Kelvin said that in the past year, Norland Group had achieved remarkable results in Direct Sales, Beauty, Medical, Real Estate and E-commerce sectors, broke many records, and under the global market layout and strategy, our markets in Africa enters the period of rapid growth and expansion. South Africa market has strong potential in Network Marketing; we will certainly help more people to reap a bumper harvest in both their health and career.  

Mr. Gabriel Zhang
The Dean of International Business Academy Mr. Gabriel Zhang delivering his speech
The Dean of International Business Academy Mr. Gabriel Zhang introduced the new product Islym before delivering his speech, he immediately electrified the crowd. They are all proud of our high-tech new product! There are continuous cheers and applause from the crowd! This slimming product combines high-tech research and development by scientific experts, complete innovation and subversion of traditional slimming products, and was well received by Norland distributors!

Mr. Gabriel Zhang introduced the Norland International Business Academy. We will provide more training and education to our distributors, improve their skills, and help more distributors to achieve greater success in the Norland business and realize their dreams!

South Africa excellent distributors come on stage to receive awards

Mr. Aren Wang
Mr. Aren Wang, the South Africa Branch Manager taking picture with Silver Diamond Distributors

Mr. Gabriel Zhang
The Dean of International Business Academy Mr. Gabriel Zhang taking pictures with Gold Diamond and Cash Awards Winning Distributors

Norland Group Vice President and CEO Dr. Kelvin Zheng taking pictures with Car Awards Winning Distributors

Norland leaders taking picture with Car Awards Winning Distributors

Norland responds to China “Belt and Road” strategy, and develops a global business strategy. This grand occasion is a celebration of the first anniversary of our South Africa Branch and a new starting point for our further development. By virtue of the corporate substantial influence and the products advantages, we will surely bring good news to more people in terms of health and opportunities as well as their career. With the support of headquarters and the efforts of all distributors, the South Africa branch will continue to improve our management and service to the customers, and benefit more people in both health and careers!