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Era of Human Life, Empowering the Future! On September 29th, the Kick off Event and Award Ceremony was Held by Norland Taiwan Branch Office!

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The event not only brought together the special guests of major media and industry organizations, but also the domestic and foreign branches of the Norland, outstanding representatives of various sectors, thousands of elites from all walks of life, gathered together to share this "Era of Human Life, Empowering the Future" The feast of the future!
The Norland Management Team and Excellent Leaders were Having Group Photo Session

At the beginning of the grand ceremony, the Norland distributors, leaders, Management Team and outstanding representatives walked into the venue, signing and taking photos together guided by ushers.

Leaders of the Norland and Elite Leaders Attended the Event

After the admission, the emcee announced the beginning of the event. Then the Norland leaders and the elites made their grand entrance when the emcee called upon their names and the audience gave warm applause.
Then on the big screen, the 10 years development of Norland began to play. The memories of the scene touched the audience, and the scene was heart wrenching. The audience focused on the big screen and immersed in the video display.

Vice Chairman of Norland and Global CEO Dr. Kelvin Zheng Shared "Golden Decade, 100 Billion Strategy"

In the thunderous applause, Dr. Kelvin Zheng, Vice Chairman of Norland and Global CEO, grandly took the stage and enthusiastically shared the reason why Norland prevails, mainly because of the deep focus of direct marketing for ten years. Shaping, transforming, and developing trends, subverting thinking and rebuilding value with cross-border exchanges. Committed to promoting the perfect match of Direct Sales localization and globalization, and exploring the road to success. At the same time, it is also committed to the integration of the ecological closed-loop of the entire industry chain, focusing on medicine, cosmetology, outlets, mothers infant sector, e-commerce, hotels, real estate, etc. to achieve perfect integration.

Dr. Kelvin Zheng Shared the "Golden Decade, 100 Billion Strategy"
The Audience was Totally Focused

In the future, Norland will continue to focus on consumers and continuously expand the ecosystem of product consumption. Focusing on industrial clusters, we will continue to upgrade the linkage-based business empowerment ecosystem. Taking high-tech innovation as the core, the top-level design and system management of the whole industry ecological chain. With cellular technology as the core, relying on the product line composed of high-tech content and high value, we will build the long-term foundation of Norland and realize the strategic goal of the future "Golden Decade, 100 Billion Strategy".
Taiwan Branch “Hi, My Body” Launching Ceremony

Lead Product Lecturer Li Xing Shared the Core Advantages of Norland 4 Products

Later on, the Golden Diamonds and other rank leaders appeared on the stage. On the dazzling stage, the opening ceremony of the Taiwan branch's “Hi, My Body” was launched, and the official launch of Norland's high-tech new products such as the Islym nutrition bar was announced for overseas market. Li Xing, a top product trainer of Norland, shared the core strength of Norland's four treasures and brought the event atmosphere to another height.

The Top Eight Contestants in the Slimming Contest Compete For the Grand Prize IPAD

The Three Winners in the Slimming Competition

After the introduction of the new product, the “Islym nutrition Bar”, the top eight contestants in this Islym nutrition bar Fat Loss Competition came on the stage and competed for the grand prize. The award-winning contestants were extremely excited and shared the feeling and gratitude of using the high-tech products.

Taiwan Branch Chung Ming-tang Shared the “Hi, My Body” Business Model
Subsequently, Chung Ming-tang, a top Taiwan leader, shared the “Hi, My Body” Business model. He made a detailed introduction of the “Hi, My Body” industrial chain layout, and highlighted the “Hi, My Body” prospects with a global perspective: to continue to advance, to constantly transcend, to create a China “Hi, My Body” brand, to usher in the era of scale, standardization of chain store operations.

The Winners Took a Group Photo on the Stage during the Recognition Segment

In the heart-warming applause, the emcee announced the silver medal, gold medal, silver diamond, gold diamond, red diamond outstanding leaders and South African tour winners, outstanding leaders and winners have come on the stage to receive the award, and shared their own success story.

Dr. Liu Jiaqi, Norland’s Double Crown Leader
Narrated His Years of Persistence in the Industry and His Strong Belief System

Then, Dr. Liu Jiaqi, Norland’s Double Crown Leader, took the stage to share his long-cherished wish and told everyone about his persistence in the industry and belief over the years. This is the spirit of Norland, which makes the Network Marketers great and gives them dignity. We must fight for promises, honor, and for dignity. Only with the blood in the bone, the love that never die, we can do everything. The enthusiasm of the audience was ignited, and the cheers came one after another. The distributors at the scene was very excited and the atmosphere was high!

Excellent Yellow Diamond Leader Ms Wu Huifang Shared the Change of Her Life

At the end of the event, Ms. Wu Huifang, the outstanding Yellow Diamond leader shared the dreams for all the distributors. She talked about her hard work and entrepreneurial experience over the years. After joining Norland, she finally regained her life and achieved perfect transformation and success. She gained the double happiness of career and life. 

The audience expressed their encouragement with applause. At this moment, we share the bitterness and joy like a family. Everyone talks and laughs. The whole venue is like a huge living room in your home. The family is together to spend this wonderful happy time. 


Finally, the 2018 Norland Taiwan branch’s Recognition and New Product Launch was successfully concluded. Today, the global new products have been officially launched, the overseas market has officially set sail, and the Finance, logistics, information flow and global network have been fully established. The next stop in North America, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Singapore will go all out to promote Norland and the Harmony Alliance to become the world's top super entrepreneurial platform.

After ten years of growth, Norland has matured and become more stable. In the future, it will accompany you decade after decade. In the environment of continuous economic development, we will not forget our original intentions, continue to innovate, and inspire ourselves to be at the forefront of the industry and become the vane to lead the new health industry. Create entrepreneurial opportunities so that everyone can enjoy health and wealth.