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Health丨prevention of three high is more important than the treatment

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In recent years, “high fat, high glucose and high protein” are the main characteristics of food pyramid of urban population in China which result in many chronic diseases, such as “obesity, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, constipation and intestinal cancer”. Modern medical research shows that the incidence of modern diseases is usually proportional to the toxins, that is to say, the toxin in the human body are the main reason for why we suffer from the diseases.

For people with chronic diseases, if they still want to control diseases by medicine rather than detoxification, they will not only suffer from the diseases, but affected by the side effect on health and lives. 

”Three High” refers to high blood pressure, high blood glucose (diabetes) and high blood fat which collectively named as “rich man’s diseases”. The diseases might appear separately or might there is a connection among them. For example: people who suffer from diabetes are easily to have high blood pressure or high blood fat; and high blood fat is the main factor of the formation and development of arteriosclerosis; and the patients of arteriosclerosis with low flexibility are easily vulnerable to high blood pressure.


People who suffer from three high are easily vulnerable to coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Coldness could cause vasospasm and increase in blood viscosity. Therefore, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is significantly higher than other season in winter.

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease experts point out that people with three high should perform appropriate exercise and center on light diet. The expert advocate that do not go out for morning exercise for the coldness can result in vasospasm. As far as food, patients should center on light diet, especially patients with hyperglycemia.