R & D Strength

Norland has 3 high-tech Chinese and global scientific research institutes. The group has established scientific research collaboration with several Chinese and top international scientific research institutes and colleges, which offers continuous research and innovation of new products. From the uniquely safe convenient effective authoritative revolutionary detoxification product Detox Pro Pack to the one-stop diversified multi-brand “clean, adjust, supplement, nurture, beautify and defense” product series which perfectly satisfy customer needs. The production line of the Group covers the entire health industry chain. The Group has developed world-leading authoritative high-tech project system and keeps enriching the project system, which endows every product with its own special core competence. This is how the Group interprets perfection, honor and authority.

Our flagship product Detox Pro Pack has obtained health food approval from China’s  State Food and Drug Administration, FDA free selling certificate, selling certificate in twenty seven (27) nations in EU, therapeutic goods approval from Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Chinese medicine approval from Singapore and international Halal food Certification, etc. The uniqueness and lack of substitutes of the products have become the core competence of the enterprise.




Authoritative National Technology Research Team

Authoritative domestic personnel in healthcare foods field offer the overall technical support including unique process formulations and other patented technology, which ensures the Norland’s products lead position in the industry.

With 13 years technical base, dedication of 5% of annual revenue to research investment, a professional research team and advanced production equipment have made Beijing Norland Biology Co., Ltd a world-leading production base of health detoxification products.

Four Cosmetology specializations With a High-Tech Core

Integration with international medical cosmetology research team and in cooperation with multiple advanced research centers such as French center of regenerative and anti-aging medicine, Shanghai east hospital, Shanghai telebio biotechnology co., ltd, genes of eugenic science expert guidance center, China, Korean plastic surgeons society, International plastic surgeons society and plastic surgery branch association of Chinese medical association, Norland launched skincare beautifying project; plastic surgery and micro plastic surgery classic project; Special face rejuvenation and body shaping; Cram cell rejuvenation gold project. We strive to provide you with customized healthy beauty solution.

Partner Research Institutions
French Center of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine
Shanghai East Hospital
Shanghai TELEBIO Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Genes of Eugenic Science Expert Guidance Center in China
Korean Plastic Surgeons Society
International Plastic Surgeons Society
Plastic Surgery Branch Association of Chinese Medical Association`


Strictly implement inspection procedures and periodic spot checks

To guarantee that every product delivered to the customers conforms to our strict quality standards, Norland hires professional quality control staff to conduct real-time monitoring on each procedure during production. This involves inspection of raw materials and auxiliary raw materials as well as physicochemical materials and microorganism, periodic inspection and monitoring of workshop and production environment, multiple quality control systems such as active principle, identifying the amounts and physicochemical index in finished products, All of which guarantee that every product is of great quality.


Pure natural herbal scientific formula makes up the classic detoxification formula

Detox Pro Pack is made and designed according to the classic traditional medical formula “Clean and Adjust Formula” by a research team composed of global experts in nutrition, medicine and pharmaceutical with years of experience in research and analysis of body constitution and nutrition condition of modern people. The formula is the most comprehensive and effective classic detoxification formula inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

Genuine medicinal herbs with scientific backing.