Norland Indonesia successfully held a health Seminar and Detox Camp in Pandeglang


March 13-14, 2021, Norland Indonesia successfully held a Health Seminar and Detox Camp which was held in Pandeglang, Banten. This event was organized by the Banten Top Leader, Mrs. Aan Dania, this event was also attended by Dr. Tommy as Health Consultant Norland Indonesia and Mr. Deden Hasanudin as Business Development Norland Indonesia.


This event was opened with great fanfare by Mrs. Aan Dania, and then continued by Dr. Tommy to start a Health Seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to explain how important Detox is to our bodies. Seminar participants were quite enthusiastic about listening to the presentation from dr. Tommy.


After the health seminar, The next is Detox Camp. The participants and committee of the event were quite excited about holding this Detox Camp because of the many benefits of the detox camp event. The committee is very happy because it helps many people to heal their ailments. Participants also felt happy to join this Detox Camp event because they hoped for healing from within themselves.


With the Detox Camp, Norland Indonesia hopes that everyone will get health and prosperity!

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