2021年4月,美国维特强势回归台湾市场!April 2021 U.S. Vital  returns to the Taiwan market strongly



      In October 2020, the U.S. Vital Taiwan branch was formally established, bringing the brand-new Vital capsule, huge group size and group advantages into the Taiwan market and becoming a pioneer in Taiwan's recycling industry.



      From April 20 to April 21, 2021, Asia Pacific President Yu Zhiqing returned to Taiwan from the Asia-Pacific headquarters to meet with market leaders from all over Taiwan to discuss the future development direction of the Taiwan company, business promotion, queries handling, product certification, etc. Conducted in-depth communication and discussion, and promised:"Company will lauch more effort to promote the bussiness development in Taiwan".



      Taiwan will use an exclusive business model to drive the developments in the future, and it has been enthusiastically approved by Taiwan’s top leaders. It is expected to restart the opening meeting in July to mutually build the business together.



      Taiwan’s leaders are ready to go, and are full of expectations for the next step of the Taiwan branch’s business road map. He believes that Vital  will bring the greatest business opportunities in Taiwan and bring greater fifth wave wealth.


      President Zhiqing Yu said: "The healthcare industry is definitely the biggest business opportunity in the future. The 13-year-old mature enterprise system in Norland is definitely the best choice for everyone."


      Mr. Jinjia Su said: "2021 is a year of breakthrough. Business partnership, organizational automation, and MLM corporatization must be a long-term strategy. Implementing the concept of health: prevention is better than cure."

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