Congratulations on the success of Norland Southern Africa Cash Award Ceremony 2022!


New beginning, new journey! On 12th February, 2022, the Cash Award Ceremony of Norland Southern Africa was successfully held. Distributors and guests from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zambia, etc. attended the conference.

The award ceremony was a combination of "Online + Offline". It has realized zero distance real-time interaction for members and distributors from various countries in Southern Africa through zoom, so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful feast at the same time.


At the beginning of the meeting, President of Norland Group International division, Mr. Johnny Chen delivered a wonderful opening speech and fully affirmed the remarkable achievements made by Norland Southern Africa market in 2021.  Norland will continue the mission to help our distributors to succeed more with better management and service.


Then, Norland Southern Africa general manager, Mr. Aren Wang gave a speech. He interpreted the current situation, problems and opportunities of the Southern African market, expressed sincere thanks to the Southern African leaders and distributors who share their weal and woe with Norland. And he encouraged our leaders and distributors to stick to the determination and to have greater success together. Lastly, he made a detailed analysis and outlook on the future development of Norland Southern Africa.


Ms.Fransina Itembu from Namibia


Ms.Alice Makuluba from Botswana


Mr.Tennyson Nkambule, Pioneer Leader of Norland South Africa


A total of 320 outstanding distributors were recognized and awarded on this ceremony. The highest cash award was up to $2000.

Palapy, Botswana


Windhoek, Namibia

Oshikango, Namibia


Three hours later, the meeting drew a beautiful pause in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. So far, the 2021 annual work commendation conference of the Southern Africa market has been successfully concluded, and a new chapter of 2022 has been opened at the same time! In the new year, opportunities and challenges coexist, hopes and difficulties coexist. I hope that through this conference, the whole Southern Africa market will gather stronger positive energy and work together to create brilliance!


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