2021 Commendation Meeting and 2022 Launch Meeting of Norland Kenya Branch


On 19th March, 2022, the annual car award conference of Norland Kenya market was held in Nairobi, Kenya to commend the 2021 Kenyan winner. Cliff song, manager of Kenya branch, okenyi thecla, Annie jaccobs, gift Murungi and other leaders from Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania attended the commendation meeting and witnessed the moment of honor together!


Cliff song, manager of Kenya branch, made an opening speech at the meeting. First of all, he affirmed and praised the efforts of all distributors, and also expressed heartfelt congratulations to all distributors who were commended and rewarded. He also looked forward to the development in 2022, forge ahead, expand a larger market and move forward to a new journey!


The conference commended the newly promoted silver medal, gold medal, Silver Diamond and excellent distributors who won the car award. In the last cycle, okenyi thecla was not only successfully promoted to a gold medal member, but also won the car award!

Congratulations to the leaders and award winners!

Car award winner from Kenya, Okenyi Thecla



Our special guest, Annie jaccabos, the leader from Nigeria, explained the compensation plan of Norland in detail for the distributors present. Okenyi thecla, the leader of the new gold medal and the winner of car award, explained Norland products. At the meeting, we also read out the promo policies being carried out by Kenya branch of Norland, including car promo, double PV promo, upgrade promo, and upcoming travel promo and cash promo.


The grand opening of this award ceremony has greatly inspired the morale and confidence of all leaders and distributors in the Kenya market in Norland, and took this opportunity to open the prelude to 2022! In 2022, Norland will further explore the Kenya market and expand its overseas business to benefit more people!

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