Although five years may not seem like much in the great scheme of history, for the Norland South Africa branch, they have been quite important. Over the past five years, Norland South Africa branch has grown and developed. Looking back on the abandoned railways, Norland is proud and thankful to those who contributed to her success.

Norland South Africa branch's fifth Anniversary Celebration and Award Ceremony, which included online and offline aspects, was held successfully on June 18, 2022. From various locations, more than 3,500 members and guests from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, and other countries came to witness and celebrate Norland Southern Africa's fifth anniversary.


Cities from various places in Southern Africa are represented in the offline venues, including Johannesburg in South Africa, Gaborone, Palapye, Francistown in Botswana, Windhoek, Oshikango in Namibia, Harare in Zimbabwe, and Lusaka in Zambia, among many others. More than 500 people attended many places.

Mr. Johnny Chen, President of the Norland International Division, Mr. Aren Wang, General Manager of the South Africa Branch, Mrs. Gwen Thoabala Mthethwa, Mrs. Dimakatso Patricia Munyadzwe, Mrs. Punky Shikomba, Mr. Tennyson Nkambule, Mrs. Wazha Chilume etc. were also present at the ceremony.





All the venues followed the talk show host to count the days the start of the major ceremony at the beginning of the conference, exciting the entire crowd as the breakdown numbers on the screen flashed and jumped.

 Mr. Aren Wang, General Manager of the South Africa Branch, Mr. Aren Wang passionately presented the opening speech. He spoke of the development of Norland in South Africa during the past five years and made clear that almost all distributors had seen remarkable success. Throughout his speech, he acknowledged every Norland employee for their commitment, cooperation, and trust as well as the Norland headquarters management for their leadership. He stated that because of Norland's initiatives and leadership, we are looking forward to the creation of the next phase. 


Mr. Johnny Chen, President of Norland International Division, made a remarkable speech. He started by congratulating and praising the South African branch's achievements as well as those of the distributors in other places in South Africa. He then evaluated the work done by the headquarters over the past five years, with a focus on the most recent period, and he expressed the concern and support of the headquarters for the family members. Everyone cheered excitedly as he described the headquarters' goals for the global market and the South African market, including the international tourism strategy, the bonus plan, the market development plan, and other strategies.


The event was a whirlwind of activity and knowledge. Pastor George Matlho, leader Lele Thobala Mthethwe, and Norland Leader Goitsemodimo Besele delivered speeches of inspiration as well as product demonstrations and announcement of promotions.


Then the audience's warmest, happiest, and most exciting activities—cake cutting and birthday song singing took place. Leaders from each of the venues gathered to celebrate the cake cutting and sing birthday songs together after general manager Mr. Aren Wang had cut the cake. They also sent their best wishes to the Norland group, Norland Southern Africa branch, all Norland distributors, and friends. We pray for the best for Norland!



The same way, with the same end goal in mind. The efforts of the distributors are essential to the growth of Norland's South African division. The award presentation was the major focus of the event. The distributors who had displayed exceptional performance over the previous year or recent months received formal recognition and rewards. The honours handed out include the cash reward, automobile award, luxury hotel dinner award, tourism award, and company profits award. 19 recipients of the automobile award were among the more than 320 people who received recognition and awards.

Qualified drivers Following the award, leaders Punky Shikomba, Mogale Andrew Matshitse, and Madam GwenThoabala Mthethwa presented stirring statements.

All of us were finally really encouraged and excited by our leader, Madam Dimakatso Patricia Munyadzwe's opulent.

Development never comes to an end. The South African branch of Norland will begin its next five years with this five-year anniversary event. The timing is right to leave shore. We are confident that the South Africa branch and Norland Southern Africa will progress forward and turn over a new leaf with the help of all distributors, paving the way for future success and development for all partners. We are devoted to assisting more people in Norland to enjoy health and prosperity!

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