The Norland Cameroon Branch Award Ceremony Concluded Successfully


On April 13, 2019, more than 600 overseas market elite leaders from Norland gathered in Duala, Cameroon's Economic Center, and held a grand Recognition Ceremony  Mr. Johnny Chen , Executive Vice President of Norland International Division, Mr. Cliff Song ,Norland Cameroon Branch Manager , Mr. Wang Zhendong, Norland Ghana Branch Manager , and leaders from Cameroon and Ghana attended the event. It was indeed a great event and the attendants witnessed the brilliant achievement  of Norland Cameroon distributors.


No empty seat during the event

Unlike in the past, the atmosphere of the event was electrifying, and Lucky Draw was held at the beginning. This instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the participants . Everyone looked forward to the kick-off of the event.


Mr. Johnny Chen , Executive Vice President of Norland International Division, addressed the event and delivered his speech.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Johnny Chen, Executive Vice President of Norland International Division, addressed the event. He thanked all the leaders and distributors for being with Norland for an extraordinary year and expressed sincere wishes for their success and achievement today.

Subsequently, he proudly introduced the new achievements of Norland’s  Cameroon market in the past year, presented the overseas market development strategies, future development plan and product line of Norland in detail ,he also expounded the company's business philosophy, injected a dose of reassurance to all the guests and strengthened their confidence, as well as strengthened the distributors force’ determination to weather the storm together with the company.


Leader Dr.Chia Fuhzah Njiti came on stage to present Norland products in detail

As a leading international high-tech biotechnology enterprise, Norland products enjoy great popularity and excellent reputation at home and abroad. It is the core foundation of Norland's business. At the meeting, Norland Cameroon Market Leader Dr.Chia Fuhzah Njiti introduce Norland’s life cycle health management system and the health product system with cell technology as the core. With his detailed explanations, the crowd felt the unparalleled charm of the Norland products, and strengthened their determination to make it in this business.


Norland Uganda Silver Diamond Leader shared the benefits of the Norland Business and products


Norland Ghana Silver Diamond Leader Mr. Divine presented the Norland Compensation Plan

Apart from the products presentation, there was also the Compensation Plan presentation by Leader Mr. Divine. He said that health is the future trend of Cameroon as well as Africa, where business opportunities lie. Norland, as a super platform will lead every distributor to go far further in the journey, allowing more and more people to obtain wealth and uncommon freedom.


Norland Ghana Gold Diamond Shared his Life Experience of how he made it from wrecks to riches

The explanation and sharing of products and Compensation Plan by Ghana market leaders have strengthened the distributors’ confidence in Norland Healthcare cause.The event entered the most exciting award-giving segment. The new promotion award, Dubai Luxury Tour and Luxury Car Award was announced. At this pint of time, it is the best reward for those who have put in the hard work in the business.


Cameroon Branch Manager Cliff Song presented the newly qualified leaders award

First of all, the newly promoted Silver Medal and Gold Medal in Cameroon market  were recognised and awarded. Wang Zhendong, Norland Ghana Branch Manager , and Cliff Song , Norland Cameroon Branch manager, came on stage to present the award.

Next, the Award Ceremony presented the Car Award to the distributors who have made outstanding contributions in market development. Four Cameroonian leaders, through relentless efforts, led their team to  brilliant success, they broke records again and again, and received their honor. Mr. Johnny Chen , Executive Vice President of Norland International Division, took to the stage to present the awards to four distributors who won the Car  Award, and congratulated them. The Congress thus reached a new climax.


Mr. Johnny Chen , Executive Vice President of Norland International Division, presented the awards to the winners of the Grand Car Award


Group photo of Norland Headquarter Leaders and Cameroonian Market Leaders

After the Grand Prize award, the Cameroon Market Recognition event came to an end. The successful conclusion of the event symbolized Cameroon’s  fast and stable market development . In the future, we look forward to Cameroon's market elite Leaders and leaders from all over the world to forge ahead and jointly develop the  Healthcare cause in Cameroon and to build Norland’s global Health ecological strategy , so that every Norland distributors can reap health and wealth. Let Health, Beauty and Wisdom of Norland benefit everyone.

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