8th anniversary celebration—Norland Charitable Foundation is established formall



Introduction to Norland Charitable Foundation


Norland charitable foundation was established by Norland Corporation which is a non-public collecting foundation, with the asset injection of RMB 20 million. The foundation will inherit the corporate responsibility and public service spirit of Norland, gather love and strength, and pass public responsibility and dream.


Under the principle of “openness, fairness, impartiality, efficiency, specialty” Norland charitable foundation will carry out several activities in an orderly way such as “Dream Fund”, “the Beautiful Fund” and “Culture Fund”.

Dream Fund

The fund is applied to poverty alleviation and education aid, entrepreneurship support and disaster relief.

Focus on the education in depressed areas, promote the balanced development of education, and prevent more students from dropping out of school because of poverty. 

Give financial assistance to young entrepreneurs in depressed areas, provide them with venture capital and projects, and prevent more young people from losing their entrepreneurial dreams because of poverty. 

Dedicate to disaster relief, provide supplies and money, and prevent the more affected people from losing theirhopes for life because of poverty. 

The Beautiful Fund

The fund is used to help the disabled, which provide medical aid to people in poverty-stricken areas and give financial assistance to their therapeutic rehabilitations, aiming to solve the problems of disabled and care for the vulnerable people.

The Beautiful Fund plans to provide free surgery to 100 cleft lip and palate patients of poor families in UK International Yi Mei Hospital within three years. 

Culture Fund

The fund is applied to cultural heritage and cultural communication.

Raise fund for the protection of ancient buildings, antiquitiesand historical cultural sites, focus on the heritage of regional culture and Chinese traditional culture, and carry forward the long history and magnificent culture of China.

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