Chairman’s Speech

Norland has gone through a tough road of development. Along the way changes such as age, time and growth occurred while our dream remained through perseverance and belief. “Keep to your original dream and you will achieve it” is a true portrayal of the development Norland.

Norland has always adhered to the corporate mission of “Open the Era of Human Life Economy, Make Health, Beauty and Wisdom Benefit Everyone”. By utilizing scientific and technological innovation, Norland provides people with high-quality products and services, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for society to establish their own influence and voice in the industry, while using the established brand of Norland.

Norland marched forward against difficulties, spared every effort to make itself better, kept surpassing, carried forward Chinese medicine culture and spread healthy life styles to global families. We stepped forward with the time and create the legend of Norland. We would like to share the opportunity of making life wonderful with every Norland members, so that more people may obtain healthy wealth and realize the value of life.

Let us launch the Era of Internet of Everything and share victory with the time by pursuing excellence!

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