Global Focus on Norland and Vital (US) Life Regeneration, Inc. We Open the New E



When the big screen ring of American Times Square broadcasts the promotional video of Vital GI softgel, a new era belonging to GI Vital has arrived!


When the three major television broadcasters in the United States (ABC-American Broadcasting Corporation, NBC-National Broadcasting Corporation, CBS-Columbia Broadcasting Corporation), FOX American-Fox Broadcasting Corporation, PR Newswire, American Chinese Network, US China Press, Washington Business Daily, Philadelphia Business International mainstream media such as Weekly, New York Business Weekly, Los Angeles Business Week, and other domestic mainstream media such as Xinhuanet,,,, China Economic News Network, China Financial News Network, etc. giving significant report at the same time. At the "2018 Chinese Medicine Culture International Development Forum" and the GI Vital Softgel Product Launch Event, an era of integration and development of Chinese medicine culture and precision medicine is about to begin!


The success of this forum is to promote the international academic exchange of Chinese medicine and the integration of precision medicine, promote the strong integration of modern Chinese medicine and modern biomedical technology, and innovate the world Chinese medicine health system and provide Chinese medicine health services. Supply more diversified, multi-level, multi-category, to meet the global demand for Chinese medicine health services, and jointly build a community of destiny for human health.


Vital GI Softgel contains the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years in China. In the United States, it integrates the scientific research path of Precision Medicine. Through the re-innovation and deep development of modern biological research technology, the product's performance is more precise and more potent. Herbal health products have been recognized by many Chinese and foreign scientists; Vital GI Softgel has also obtained the highest certification for food and medicine approved by the WTO - FDA Free Sales Certificate.


The world was focusing on Norland and Vital (US) Life Regeneration, Inc., which embodies the scientific crystallization of traditional Chinese herbal wisdom and precision medicine, will deliver more possibilities to the health of all human beings. As the world's sole agent of Vital GI Softgel, Norland will capitalize on its own global market channel advantages, and is committed to the marketing and brand building of Vital GI Softgel, opening a new era of precision herbal health!









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