The 6th Asia Honesty Award—Norland Won the Asia Business “Nobel Prize”


As Confucius said: “Do what you have said, and with action result will come.”

Integrity is the foundation of the company, the source of the enterprise, and the first principle that must be adhered to continuously enhance the core competitiveness and management capabilities of the enterprise. It is also the core support for implementing the strategy of “branding enterprise”.

The Sixth Asian Honesty Awards Ceremony of 2018 was held on December 15, 2018 at The Majestic Hotel in Malaysia.

Norland Won Asia Honesty Product Award

The Norland won the Asia most influential business award ---"Asian Honesty Product Award" from more than 10,000 nominated enterprises.



Asia Business “Nobel Prize” Introduction

There are five different Asia Honesty Award categories:

Asia Honesty Enterprise Award

Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award

Asia Honesty Product Award

2018 Asia Top 100 Honesty Brand Award

2018 Reigning Asia Top 100 Honesty Brands Award

Total 197 enterprises and individuals won the above mentioned awards.



The Asia Honesty Award was established to promote the integrity of the Asian business environment. Since its inception in 2012, the Asian Honesty Award has been hard to face the challenges of business world, and upholds the principle of “integrity” to maintain its reputation and credibility. It has become a mark of integrity for the government and consumers, and the authority of commercial awards is a recognized passport of integrity throughout Asia.

Carry forward the cause, create a credible market space

This heavyweight award won by Norland stems from the company's own implementation of integrity in all aspects; it stems from the consistent response in the face of temptation of the business world; from the long-term corporate culture adherence.

Norland always adheres to the principle of "Compliance with business ethics, emphasize on business morality, upholding virtue; Integrity, building business passage to reach out to the entire world." Going all out to build a credible enterprise, establish a credible corporate image, and maintain a strong force and influence in the Big Health Industry.

The award is not only an endorsement of Norland in the Asian market, but also an affirmation of the global market standard output of Norland.

Norland will continue to adhere to and advocate integrity in the process of doing business. Streamlining the Health Industry, and guarding the integrity of the Chinese market, Asian markets and international markets.

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