Another country with an overseas certification for GI VITAL SOFTGEL has been approved by Commission of Customs Union of Kazakhstan


Recently, Norland has received good news. On April 14, 2021, GI VITAL SOFETGEL received the approval of the National Product Registration Certificate issued by the Eurasian Economic Union Commission.


This honor indicates that the production standards of Norland have been further recognized internationally, and Norland has strength to provide consumers with safe and guaranteed products!

GI VITAL SOFTGEL is a derivative of VITAL Regeneration Technology, it is one of the few products that can regenerate gastrointestinal mucosal tissues in the world, it has amazing effects on repairing gastrointestinal mucosal damage, diseases, anti-aging,it is the only product that completely kills H. pylori without antibiotics. It has met the highest quality standards of American and the international, GI VITALSOFTGEL has also received a certificate of free sale from the FDA.

In 2018, the GIVITAL SOFTGEL held a technology conference at the United Nations headquarters, which was honored to be on the live screen of Times Square in New York, and received more than 200 media and more than 10,000 joint reports from media giants like NBC, CBS and FOX, PR Newswire and other global media, triggering a sensation in the industry. GI VITAL SOFTGEL has shocked the world, and become the best treatment to gastrointestinal diseases, curb gastrointestinal malignant changes and H. pylori!


No pains no gains. GI VITAL SOFGL successfully obtained the Kazakhstan national product registration certificate, it is the best representation of Norland's production, Norland will continue to improve the quality management system to make the better product for the consumers.

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