Indonesian Delegation Visit Norland HQ, Deepening Its Market Development in Southeast Asia


On the morning of January 25, 2019, the Indonesian delegation came to Beijing, China and visited the headquarters of the Norland industrial group. The three-day visit provided an in-depth understanding of the overall industrial layout and international strategic planning of the Norland. At the same time, both sides are full of expectation for China-Indonesia relations and future development, as well as concluded strategic cooperation.


Indonesia delegation of more than 100 people came to visit, and learn the Norland ten years development process in details, they visited the Norland UK hospitals, Uwilling, Hi Mybody Store, Si Sheng Xin Yuan(Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic), and so on.



Huang Weizhong, Norland Group Vice President and Vice President of the International Business Division, expressed sincere welcome to the Indonesian delegation and delivered the opening speech.


Dr. Kelvin Zheng, Vice Chairman and CEO of Norland industrial group, made a wonderful speech at the meeting in the afternoon. He said: "Never stop, never give up, face difficulties, smoothen adversity, and go forward the courage to die.”

Norland gathers the advantages of the entire industrial chain, based on the ten-year layout, cross-border Integration, subversion and reconstruction, the future development will be intensive. Promote the transformation of China's Life Economy, promote world change, and make life better.


Johnny Chen, Vice President of Norland International Business Division, expounded the development prospect of Norland in the International market and the overall strategic plan of the international region in 2019, and expressed warm congratulations on the good result of the past year, and thanked everyone for their trust and support to Norland.

Norland has always been concerned about and committed to the development of the Indonesian market. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the birthplace of Bandung Conference and the fourth most populous country in the world. In the era of life economy, Norland has set its sights on the market and laid out a global chain of health platforms. At present, New York as the center, the international region has radiated over 80 countries and regions in the world, such as South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Russia.

The visit of the Indonesian delegation not only mark the vigorous development of Norland in the Southeast Asian market and its ambition of continuous development, but also show Norland’s long-term ambition to build an international health platform and embrace international resources. In the future, Norland will continue to deepen its business layout in Southeast Asia, accelerate the in-depth integration in the field of health, carry out in-depth exchanges and project cooperation, and light up a new health starting point in the era of life and economy.

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