Following the steps of “One Belt One Road”, Norland landed on NASDAQ Screen again!


In the new year of 2019, Norland’s CEO, Dr. Guoji Zheng, sent his best regards to the world on NASDAQ screen by demonstrating Vital GI softgel which is one of the most popular products. This gesture has captured a lot of attention at Time Square due to its unique Chinese greeting style.


During the Spring Festival which is the most important festival in China. An array of Chinese well-known companies and high-grade businesses, such as Gree, Mengniu Diary, Greenland Group, TCL and Norland, celebrated the special time hand in hand. This significant new year greeting was illustrated on NASDAQ’s 12 screens 18 times a day, which certainly showed a very positive image of China to the world. The exposure of famous Chinese brands enables Chinese people all over the world to receive the blessings from the distant motherland in foreign countries and feel the emotional throbbing brought by Chinese elements when surrounded by western culture.


2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, it is also the second 5th Year of “One Belt One Road”. The project showed on NASDAQ screen is called “Sincere greetings to Chinese people all over the world” which was completed by “One Belt One Road” national leaders, Chinese brand ambassadors, Chinese outstanding leaders of countrymen residing abroad and entrepreneurs, who were invited by China-Arabia National Technological and Cultural Transfer Center. NASDAQ screen is called as “The crossroad of the world”. And it had demonstrated the splendid spirit of Chinese famous enterprises. In addition, it is the terrific displaying window for “overseas itinerant of Chinese story series activities” during 40 years of Chinese reform and opening-up policy. Norland has been following the appealing of NDRC and the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, jointly implementing the national direction of “telling good Chinese stories, spreading good Chinese voice”.

As a well-known enterprise with a global outlook, Norland is moving forward with great effort in inheritance and adherence in such a significant project. Norland will never forget its initial intention. Simultaneously, such a movement sent greetings to all Chinese people and showed the increasing global position of China via NASDAQ screen. It enabled Chinese brands get on the top of the world.

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