Myanmar Leaders have a successful trip to Norland HQ in Beijing


Myanmar Leaders arrived in Norland HQ for 4 days visit to further understand the company. Dr. Kelvin Zheng, the Vice Chairman of Norland Industrial Group and Global CEO of Norland International Group met up with the Myanmar Leaders. The visit of the Myanmar distributors delegation aims to promote the rapid expansion of the Myanmar market, carried out the integration and development of the Myanmar market and other international market in Southeast Asia, and promote the taking off of Norland’s international market.


Myanmar Leaders visit Norland Group’s various business sectors

Accompanied by company’s management staff, the Myanmar leaders visited the 3 major sectors of group business that is Unwilling , Hi my body and UK International Beauty Centre.Having deep understanding of the life economic platform created by the Norland Group in the health and beauty industry . Deeply feeling the great value of the Norland Super Platform for the Human life cycle Health and Beauty , am proud and more determined as well as having Confidence in Norland’s Health and Beauty career.


Dr. Kelvin Zheng the Vice Chairman of Norland Industrial Group and Global CEO of Norland International Group delivered his speech.

At the meeting, Dr. Kelvin Zheng , the vice chairman Norland Group and the president of the Group's Global Operations, delivered his speech. First of all, he extended a warm welcome to the Myanmar distributors. He introduced Norland’s strategic planning of the overseas market development in 2019. He stressed that Myanmar, as an emerging market in the Southeast Asian region, has great market potential in the future development, and is also an important part of Norland’s  strategy to open up Southeast Asia.

The visit of the leaders of the Myanmar market marks that Norland has already launched the first shot of 2019 in the international market, which has boosted the enthusiasm of other international markets and laid a solid foundation for the 2019 international market development in Norland.


Myanmar Leaders experienced the Norland Hi-tech Products.

Subsequently, through this meeting,Norland showed the Myanmar leaders a detailed breakthrough in the biological research and technology . At the meeting, market leaders from Myanmar personally experienced various Norland high-tech star products especially Wuqing detox formulation ,it won the leaders’ unanimous recognition and appreciation.


During the meeting, the Myanmar Leaders participated actively with high enthusiasm.

During the meeting, the Myanmar leaders participated in the well arranged training courses by Norland. Through market development and business training, they became the training guides for outstanding leaders, Network Marketing coaching courses, business school development planning, etc. The professional skills of team leadership and Network Marketing have enabled the business to develop rapidly and steadily, and create new achievements in the international market of Norland .


Group Photo of Norland Indus trail Group Executive Management and Myanmar Leaders

On 24, February, The investigation trip of Myanmar marketing teams conducts successfully. The visit make stronger the Myanmar market development foundation and activated Myanmar market with new leaders with vitality and power engine. In future, we believe the wisdom leading of Norland Management and Myanmar Leaders effort together and hand in hand to build up Myanmar and even Southeast Asia area with Healthy Beauty Business cycle platform and let Health Beauty and Wisdom benefit everybody.   

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