Malaysian Distributors successfully Visit Norland Head Office


On March 7, 2019, Norland Malaysia distributors arrived at the Norland headquarters in Beijing and began a two-day study tour to the Norland . Gabriel Zhang, President of Norland International Business Academy, and other senior executives were present at the meeting. This trip will focus on understanding Norland’s Life Economy platform and business development strategic plan, and also learning the relevant business and product knowledge and skills. It was truly a fruitful journey for all of them.


A team of Malaysian distributors arrived in Beijing and began a two-day study tour of Norland Global.

Malaysian distributors team is Norland’s  main force of South East Asia market , with outstanding sales performance, they have been strongly supported and recognized by the Norland Group. They came to Beijing to further understand and learn more about Norland group's business philosophy as well as to enhance their business development skill and pick up more product-related knowledge.

Accompanied by the company’s top Management executives , the Malaysian distributors team first visited Norland’s  three major business sectors, namely, U Willing, Hi My Body and UK International Cosmetology hospital. They understood the Life Economy platform which consist of the Health and Beauty sectors created by the Norland Group, and picked up the latest knowledge of the group's concept and strength, and also strengthened their confidence in Norland’s commitment to the Health and Beauty business.


Norland International Business Academy President Gabriel Zhang delivering his welcoming speech

At the meeting, Gabriel Zhang, President of Norland International Business Academy, said a few words at the meeting. First of all, he warmly welcomed the arrival of the Malaysian distributors team. He pointed out that the visit of the Malaysian delegation was of great significance. He also said that more learning and training opportunities would be held in the future to promote integration and exchanges between China and foreign countries particularly Malaysia, improve the professional skills of overseas distributors force so that they can be better and more efficient in developing the market.


Participants concentrating and were focused during the training session

At the subsequent meeting, Norland showed the Malaysian distributor team the breakthroughsin Bio-scientific research and technology. The Malaysian delegation, under the explanation of the China Region Business Academy trainers , had a clear understanding of the Wuqing detox combination, Vital Gastrointestinal capsule and other star products, and experienced the detoxification effect of Wuqing detox combination on the spot. The Malaysian Distributors unanimously recognized and appreciated the training and detox session.


Malaysian Distributor Team Participates in Detoxification Camp, Holding Wu Qing Formulation for the group Photo


The Malaysian distributors successfully concluded its study tour in the Norland Head Office in Beijing. The Malaysian delegation's visit deepened its understanding of the group and strengthened their business development skills in and products knowledge. In future, Norland will jointly develop Malaysia’s Health and Beauty Market with the Malaysian Leaders and distributors to achieve Norland corporate vision of “LET HEALTH, BEAUTY AND WISDOM BENEFIT EVERYONE”.

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