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Norlalnd Industrial Group’s 9th anniversary glory commendation grand carnival held in Beijing on Saturday, 22nd, July 2017.

Witness a celebration, We strive with passion and joy, Norland Industrial Group shares the glory and spirit of the flourishing age.
Blooming a dream, Norland Industrial Group is destined to build a national brand belonging to CHINA by the precise craftsmanship of skills.
 2017 Nortland Industrial Group’s 9th anniversary glory commendation carnival held in Beijing Jiuhua Grand Villa.

Honourable Guests:
Mr. Zhanxiang Gao, Former deputy minister of culture, honorary chairman of Beijing Zhanxiang Gao cultural and art foundation, Ms. Gaoqing, chairman of Beijing Zhanxiang culture and art foundation, former director of food and drug administration of Jilin province. Ms Fenglan Huo, vice president and secretary general of China Medical Quality Management Association, Ms. Zhao Guiying, vice president of China Medical Quality Management Association, vice chairman of China Health Association, Mr.ZhongQuan Zou, President of Norland Industrial Group, executive director, Vice chairman and president of Norland Industrial Group, Ms. Mihong Wang, chairman of the Norland Industrial Group charitable organization, Dr. Guoji Zheng, managing director and global executive director of Norland Industrial Group, Ms. Jingmei Xu, vice president of education department, Norland Industrial Group, Mr. Xingui Wang, executive vice president of China regional direct marketing division, Yonghong Lu, vice president of China district public affairs, Norland Industrial Group, deputy general manager of Supply Chain management division, Norland Industrial Group, Mr. Zhilei Li, vice president of international marketing, Norland Industrial Group, Shihao Chen, senior director of marketing management center.
Senior leaders of the group and the government, industry associations, media, direct sellingspecial guests from health divisionNorland Industrial Group direct sales division greater China branch representatives, NorlandIndustrial Group direct sales division of the international district representatives, Norland Industrial Group medical beauty department, city flagship hospital representatives and so on to the scene, With nearly 5000 people from all over the world and the Norland family gathered together to witness a grand ceremony
All things interconnected to open the future

Vice president of China Medical Quality Management Association. Vice chairman of China Health Care Association
Norland Industrial Group chairman
Mr. ZhongQuan Zou addressed the general assembly.

Norland Industrial Group Director Dr. Guoji Zheng adressed the grand assembly.

Beijing Zhanxiang Gao art foundation vice chairman

Mr. Minjie Zhang doing the project presentation. 

“Chinese good children” series initiation ceremony

Ms. Mihong Wang on behalf of Norland Industrial Group charity organization donated 500,000 yuan to Beijing Zhanxiang Gao cultural and art foundation

Ms. Mihong Wang on behalf of Norland Industrial Group charity organization donated 200,000 RMB to China health care next generation health sports foundation. 

Former deputy minister of culture, Honorary chairman of Beijing Zhanxiang Gao cultural and art foundation Mr. Zhanxiang Gao adressing the gathering.

’Norland’ Global brand strategy launch ceremony.

Norland Industrial Group mascot "Sapphire" officially released.

FDA® composite purity Titanium release.

Norland Industrial Group’s global health ambassadors.

Honorary president of the international business school / Marketing consultant award.

Silver Diamond winners honour commendation.

Gold Diamond winners honour commendation.

The honorary award for the Wen Hui Beauty.

UK International medical special contribution award.

Blue Diamond winners honour commendation.

Red Diamond winners honour commendation.

Crown leader’s honour commendation.

“On top of the world” p

Lion of the north, an imposing appearance!

Video interactive show, stunning scene!

Passionate international dance performance!


Grand draw carnival, ultimate prize ‘France tour’

Inspirational song for Norland Industrial Group.

Inherit healthy and intelligent culture, Celebrating Norland Industrial Group’s 9th anniversary with passion and happiness, Celebration of a dream.
Norland Industrial Group stands at a new starting point aiming to keep striving forward, To lead the future.

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