Esteemed guests, look forward to the future 2017 Norland Dreams Dubai Seminar



Create an unforgettable showcase Norland’s global expansion
Sound the trumpet urging everyone to earnestly forge ahead.
Enjoy the joy , glory and results of hard work!
Set sail on new journey and with hope for better future.
△ benefit of convergence
Nearly 2000 Norland partners converged on a beautiful white beach and lined up to draw the word , Norland‘s Chinese name on April 15, 2017 for the grand opening of Norland Dubai seminar.
Vice President of China Medical Quality Management Association, vice Chairman of China Health Association, Norland Industry Group chairman Zou Zhongquan, Norland Industrial Group director and global executive Director Zheng Guoji, Norland Industry Group director, Vice chairman and Global Executive Vice President Wang Yongliang, Norland Industry Group directors, executive vice president and Direct Sales division China President Yang Yiqi, Norland Industrial Group Direct Sales division China Executive Vice President Wang Xingkui, Norland Industrial Group International Marketing Management Center International District Executive vice President Chen Shihao, Norland Industrial Group Marketing Management Center Senior Director, Wang Zhichao, Norland Industrial Group International Business School Executive Dean Yang Li, Norland Industrial Group International Business School Chancellor Xu Herui and Norland management team And nearly 2000 guests gathered in luxurious Dubai to relax, enjoy the scenery, and celebrate our partners success and set on new new journey to spread the wisdom of health and beauty

We march resolutely, high-spirited as we raise high Republic of China’s Bright red five-star red flag . Let us keep this passion, fold up our sleeves and forge ahead, to create a new future for Norland and make its presence felt around the world.
△Exotic dancers opened the prelude to the conference, making the audience more enthusiastic!
△ Vice President of China Medical Quality Management Association
Vice Chairman of China Health Association
Chairman of Norland Industry Group
Mr. Zou Zhongquan Speech
Vice President of China Medical Quality Management Association, vice Chairman of China Health Care Association,  and Chairman of Norland Industrial group, Mr. Zou Zhongquan, first expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the Norland family in the northern Continental Industry Group, and thanked all the guests for their  hard work. He Encouraged everyone to work together, and spread the Norland brand all over the world;He urged everyone to join hands in creating a beautiful future for guests, so that the wisdom of health can benefit everyone! Zou Dong's speech boosted the confidence of the Norland partners and the present, to chase their dreams more forcefully.
△ CEO and Director of Norland Industrial Group Mr. Zheng Guoji,
Share the "Succeed with Norland"
Mr. Zheng Guoji, Director and CEO of Norland, presented "Succeed with Norland Enjoy the future” Mr. Zheng Guoji charmed the participants with Norland’s  "big integration", "Big Interaction", "Big Marketing", "big gains", "big breakthrough" platform as well as Norland’s infinite career opportunities, by assisting the partners to achieve excellence in life.
△Norland Director  and Vice Chairman Vice President, Mr. Wang Yongliang
Explaining "Choosing to set Jiangshan and winning the world"
Norland Industry Group director, Vice chairman and Global Executive Vice President Wang Yongliang, Mr. Wang dedicated the feast to everyone, and explained his vision and plans on helping the member numbers increase and better services through the physical shops, leading to greater success.
Norland has continuously upgraded health product series , introducing new products and projects, so that health wisdom benefit everyone. The conference on the scene of the northern continent of the first revolutionary new products started.
△ Norland International Business School Director,  Xu Herui , Shouer product landmark launch
The Chinese capital Institute of Pediatrics is a well-known medical research institutes and the first in China that integrates basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, advanced medical education, preventive health medicine.
Norland successfully acquired it to realize our goal of cutting Edge scientific research and in pursuit of excellence in creating China's top maternal and child health brand. Beijing First century Nutrition Technology has begun to lay down the foundation of Chinese maternal and child health market.
Norland’s launched first child-infant health product brand is the "Qing, tune, complement, raise, the Uiking" product series, a unique product, making norland's product series more diverse and achieve a full range of health products to cover all ages. We believe that norland’s scientific and technological strength and usher in new growth and will also, bring greater benefits to human health and beauty in the future
△direct marketing division
, Norlands Senior Director of Marketing Management Center
Site policy explanation
In order to assist each family to increase their health and create Infinite opportunities for the guests Mr. Wang Zhichao took time to explain the platform’s unrivalled advantages and great policies to encourage guests to the initiative and sign up  and invite other members.
△A wonderful surprise for the guests 
Diego Maradona limited edition signed soccer balls and Jerseys !
Norland springed the guests a huge surprise , by awarding lucky guests signed Diego Maradona limited edition soccer balls and and jerseys. Diego maradona is Norlands’s global sopkesman
Welcome Dinner
18:30, the dinner officially began and the guests were treated to the unique flavors of the Dubai cuisine and enjoyed cultururaly rich and unique music from Dubai.

△Everyone is Dressed up and ready to enjoy a good time
A wonderful concert band.
△ Vice president of China Association of pharmaceutical quality management
Vice chairman of China Health Care Association
Norland industry group Chairman
Mr. Zou Zhongquan dinner speech
  △ Norland Industry Group Director
Managing Vice president and director of Direct Sales department, China
Mr. Yang Yiqi raised a toast to everyone in attendance
Enjoying the Refined Arabian cuisine

△A Birthday surprise
Feel the warmth and blessings
Vice President of China Medical Quality Management Association, vice Chairman of China Health Association, Norland chairman, Zou Zhongquan, CEO Zheng Guoji, Vice president Yang Yiqi with his family had wonderful time during the dinner
△Enjoying a delicious dinner together , build a better future!
During the 2017 Norland Dreams Dubai Seminar the guests sampled all the mouth watering cuisines and immersed in scenery The guests also enjoyed the magic of Dubai, excitedly visiting all the scenic spots with the man made magic of Dubai serving as spark for the guests to challenge themselvesro achieve a better, and realise their dreams. The seminar touched everyone hearts will be in everyone's memories for a long time to come
△ CEO Mr. Zheng Guoji
Getting interviewed by Middle East bilingual satellite television !
△ Dubai's largest Chinese paper "Dubai people"
Media Focus on the Norland.
The event attracted the attention  of Dubai media . Dubai's largest Chinese Cofounded by prominent Chinese residents in Dubai and members of United Arab Emirates royal family print featured the seminar in its headlines. The Arab satellite TV also gave the event real-time coverage as even more people around the world got a good glimpse of meeting and  the continuous growth and progress of Norland.
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